Senior Design Team sdmay18-30 • Intelligent low-altitude air traffic management system

In today’s world of technology, wouldn’t it be great if we had our package arrive just hours after placing an order? The idea of expanding all possibilities and putting customers first is every delivery company’s dream. As such, using drones has become a possible, plausible alternative to help speed up the delivery process. After all, the company’s profits work hand in hand with the number of “happy customers” they have. However, this seemingly lucrative solution has a common problem i.e: Regulations from the FAA. Hence if we were to consider all of the rules listed by the FAA on drones for the purpose of delivery or not, this project will not be able to fully provide solutions to all of the rules. However, for a start this project will be a starting point for future attempts on providing full solutions for abiding all of the list rules regarding drone activities.